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Microneedling with LED Therapy

The State of the art Filleron Microneedling LED pen punctures more than 300,000 micro channels on the epidermis within 5 minutes.

This forms an efficient nutrient delivery system between the epidermis and dermal tissue.

This makes the Filleron Microneedling LED pen a productive device for dry or mesotherapy type microneedling.




This is a medical grade CE certified device providing incredible results using combined technology. 

Our lightweight touch control pen features an adjustable dial to change the needle depth from 0.2mm to 2.00  to treat both face and body concerns.

At the touch of a button the pen will emit LED light therapy with a choice of 7 wavelengths, combined with the micro needle this will take your treatment to new a dimension.

Our pen is light weight and comes in a portable stylish case.  It can be used with either a cordless or corded power operation for easy functioning.

Filleron Microneedling LED Pen Features:

-Speed is faster than manual applications

-Shorter treatment times 

-Results with a maximum effect

-Adjustable needle depth

-Lightweight hand held pen

-Easy to use

-Two power options

-Comfortable to hold

-CE Certified

Filleron Needle Cartridge Features:

-No Cross Infection

-1 time disposable needle

-Adjustable needle depth

-Easy to connect

-Low cost per treatment

-Medical grade stainless steel

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